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The Origin of Waistbeads & Their Uses

Waistbeads date back to the 15th century, wrapped around women in the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. Waistbeads, were worn as symbolic expression for women representing womanhood, fertility, protection, sensuality, status, wealth, and celebration. 

The most common reasons involve:

Celebratory Purposes - Waistbeads have been used to adorn girls in celebration of reaching maturity. Traditionally, mothers would adorn their daughters as a rise of passage when they began their first cycle of menstruation.

Intimacy - Waistbeads are known as a form of kayamata, meaning "enhancers of desire" hence waistbeads are known to enhance desire between lovers, increasing levels of intimacy. Also believed to communicate fertility to your significant other.

Weight Management - known as a perfect way to shape your waist, wearing them serve as a reminder to maintain your posture and serve as an indicator of weight fluctuation. If your beads roll up (tighten) you are gaining weight. If your beads roll down (loosen), you are loosing weight.

Adornment - Waistbeads aide women with embracing self love, honoring their sensuality, and overall make women feel beautiful in their own bodies. Waistbeads are a form of self acceptance.

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