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Meet the ceo

Black Women Owned & Operated.


Deborah Jackson

Hey Sister Queens ♡,

     I am so excited to have the privilege to create for so many of you! I started my brand to shine light on size inclusion, self healing, & womanhood!

      I started creating waistbeads for myself back in 2019. I was introduced to them as a way to help track my weight, and since then they have been a major impact during my self love and weight loss journey! 

     As I began researching the history of waistbeads, they began to resonate with me more as a way to reclaim my sensuality and femininity.

     Waistbeads are symbolic to reclaiming our self worth, resilience, and beauty as women we all hope to discover during the mist of discovering ourselves.

     My favorite part about my brand is wrapping young girls and women for their very first time!

      I look forward to growing WITH my brand and everyone who decides to be apart of the GXE family.

      Waistbeads are for ALL WOMEN. I accept custom orders for all sizes, shades, and shapes. 

      I have recently started offering waistbead parties in my area and look forward to blossoming to other areas!

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