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How to Measure Your Waist

If you'd prefer for your waistbead to be removable you will need to measure your waist. This will give us the accurate length so we can add your clasp.

1. Decide where you would like your beads to lay.

2. Wrap the measuring tape around this area comfortably. Make sure your abdomen is relaxed. (DO NOT HOLD IN STOMACH)

3. Start at the beginning of your measuring tape, which is (0"). The number that connects with 0" is your accurate measurement. 

4. Measure a few times to get the most accurate number.

Disclaimer: Do not start at 1" this will give you an altered measurement.

Disclaimer: ( " ) represents inches.

Removeable waistbeads are not recommended to be bathed/showered in to preserve the life of the clasp.

If you are looking to use your waistbeads to monitor your non scale victories, we recommend traditional tie on style.

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